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Bike to the Future showcases the latest in bicycle design. The exhibition presents a collection of contemporary models from the new millennium, including Philippe Starck’s electric bike ‘MASS’ and Tobias Knockaert’s laser-cut bicycle, as well as prototypes and experiments made with unusual materials to serve a variety of functions.

Bike accessories will also be featured, such as the magnetic bicycle light ‘iFlash One’, designed by the Danish studio Kibisi, the ‘Hammerhead’ navigation system and the ‘Hövding’ airbag helmets.

The exhibition also includes a look at cutting-edge bicycle infrastructure from across the globe, including 15 projects that were part of the 2019-2020 Bicycle Architecture Biennale, as well as local projects like City Studio’s Peachtree Shared Street, Midtown Alliance’s bicycle infrastructure projects, and Peachtree Creek Greenway.

Museum Of Design Atlanta


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Energia green il concept sfida il futuro

RoomTwo wheels, the handlebar and the pedals. The theme of two wheels continues to keep the designers busy and the illustrious names of Philippe Starck and Richard Sapper are joined by the new proposals.

Article here by Il Giorno_QN


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Lights abd shadows


Relaxing time

Chalet con vista sulla Valle, il progetto innovativo del Comune di Castione

Room"Room", a room with a view of the valley, immersed in the quiet of the pastures.

Project written by architect Alfredo Vanotti, in collaboration with surveyor Christian Bassola and designer Matteo Zugnoni.

Article here by La Provincia di Sondrio


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The wooden bicycle around the world_Book Presentation

More than 250 designers, manufacturers, companies -among the legends craftsman and bicycle builders- present their unique work promoting wood and bamboo as materials suitable for the construction of bicycle frames and bicycle parts.
"The Wooden Bicycle" is a tool to "tone up" the love and interest for the bicycle and for pushing us to claim a better way of living

Design For 2017_Book Presentation

My #MilanDesignWeek2017 was started last evening from La Triennale di Milano. Design For 2017 #inBookshop #Overlying #WooBi #satisfaction #MatteoZugnoniDesign

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Matteo Zugnoni Design
WooBi - Industrial Design - 3d Visualisation

25 ^ Provincial Day Crafts

"Combine the ideas and capabilities"
An important recognition to promote experiences and desire to innovate. #satisfactions
WooBi - Industrial Design - 3d Visualisation

25^ #GiornataProvincialeDellArtigianato
Confartigianato Imprese Sondrio
La Provincia di Sondrio

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Colours time (p. 5)

Matteo Zugnoni Colours time p5Want to ride...WooBi woodenbike

Location: Cassis, France


#WooBi #wood #bike #design #woodenbike #pantone #colours #industrialdesign

"Mountan bike in legno sui sentieri della valle. Zugnoni studia l'idea"

WooBi LaProvinciaDiSondrio 1WooBi, many developments and opportunities for growth. La Provincia di Sondrio

Colours time (p. 4)

Matteo Zugnoni Colours time p4Want to ride...WooBi woodenbike

Location: Vernazza, Italy. Cinque Terre National


#WooBi #wood #bike #design #woodenbike #pantone #colours #industrialdesign

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